DIG for Thursday the 17th of October…..do you know how much God loves you; do you really know…..Isaiah 53 v 10

There are lots of verses in the Word of God telling us how much God loves every single one of us.

The most powerful one for me though is the first part of Isaiah 53 v 10.

Isaiah 53 is a chapter all about Jesus…

….He would be despised and rejected, acquainted with grief (verse 3)

….He would take on our griefs and sorrows, He would be smitten of God (verse 4)

…..He would be wounded for our transgressions, He would receive stripes (or lashes) for our healing (verse 5)

He would go through all this and more (read Isaiah 53 v 1 to 9) because Father God loved you and I.

I know this because verse ten says that it pleased the Lord to bruise Jesus, to put Him to grief.

Pleased in the Hebrew means to take delight in.

Bruise in the Hebrew means to destroy or crush, to break or to shatter.

This verse is saying that the Lord took great delight in breaking and crushing His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ; he took great delight in this because it was His one and only plan of salvation for YOU and for me.

We can move into our salvation through faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ, and the Lord takes great delight in that because of His love for us.

That says to me that God really, really loves me; I hope it speaks in the same way to you.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that you love me, and thank you for the finished work of Jesus Christ”.

Isaiah 53 v 10…..Yet it pleased he Lord to bruise him; he hath put him to grief……


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