DIG for Friday the 25th of July…..what are you magnifying today…..Psalm 69 v 30

I remember as a child loving to play with a magnifying glass.

I especially enjoyed looking at spiders, ants and other “creepy crawlies” through my magnifying glass; it brought a whole different dimension into view.

To magnify something is to enlarge it in our sight, to make it look bigger; it can also mean to allow something to have a greater influence.

This is what the writer is meaning in Psalm 69 v 30.

If we praise and give thanks to God it does not literally make him bigger, but it makes Him seem bigger to us, look bigger to us and cause Him to have a greater influence in our lives.

By focussing on God and worshiping Him we magnify Him and His influence.

We can do something else of course and focus on our trials, tribulations and storms thus minimising God in our lives.

The way we think and what we think always has the effect of either magnifying or minimising God in our lives, and what we think and how we think is our choice.

What we focus on will enlarge, or be magnified.

What are you choosing to magnify today, the Lord or your physical circumstances?

Are you focussing on the spiritual or the carnal?

Remember, how you think in this arena can bring either life and peace or death into your life (Romans 8 v 6).

The Lord wants you to magnify Him today, we wants you to focus on Him and on Jesus, on the spiritual.

He wants you to focus on “things above” and not on “things of earth” (Colossians 3 v 2).

What are you magnifying today?

Do you need to make a step change and decide to magnify the Lord through worship and thanksgiving?

The decision is yours.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that I can make the decision to magnify you in my life RIGHT NOW”.

Psalm 69 v 30…..I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify him with thanksgiving