DIG For Monday the 28th of July…..He is holding you and guiding you…..Psalm 139 v 10

This DIG may be for only one of you tonight; it may speak to all of you in a fashion but it may be just for one of you!

I was reading through Psalms 96 to 100 looking for something to write about in this DIG and the Lord kept reminding me about Psalm 139 v 10.

I thought I’ve written about this before but it kept coming to me, so here we go.

I like to picture verses in my mind, to help make them come alive for me.

Psalm 139 v 10 gave me one of my best and most special pictures that I’ve seen.

It says God will lead me by the hand and also hold me with His right hand at the same time (Psalm 139 v 10).

I saw God with His right arm around my waist holding me tight and I sensed the security that this gave.

I saw God then holding my left hand in His left hand and I sensed the guidance that was coming from Him.

He holds us and He guides us and this is an awesome truth for every single one of us.

Can you close your eyes and picture this right now; God with His right hand around your waist and his left hand guiding you forward.

Can you sense His security and His guidance? Can you feel His love?

Picture this if you are feeling a lack of security and guidance this evening; let this verse and this picture speak to you of the love that God has for you.

Let His love wash over you as you picture Him holding you and guiding you.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that you hold me and guide me, and thank you that you love me”.

Psalm 139 v 10…..Even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me


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