DIG for Sunday the 27th of July…..physical fact or spiritual truth…..Romans 8 v 6

One of the big things that we are learning as a church through my latest series of teaching is that there is a difference between a fact and a truth.

A fact is a current reality in the physical realm while a truth is a permanent reality in the spiritual realm; let me give you an example.

You may be feeling pain in your body, so that is a physical fact; you can feel it and in the physical realm it is a reality.

However the Word of God says that by His stripes you were healed, so that is a spiritual truth (1 Peter 2 v 24).

You can believe this spiritual truth, speak out healing over your body and see the manifestation of your healing; you can see the spiritual truth take dominance over the physical fact.

When Peter got out of the boat He looked to Jesus and focussed on Him; the spiritual truth was that Jesus had spoken and said come.

However he took his eyes away from Jesus and looked at the wind and the waves, or the physical facts.

When he focussed on the physical facts he became afraid and started to sink.

He let the physical facts take dominance over a spiritual truth.

My friends, we determine what is the dominant force in our lives with regards to facts or truths.

We determine what we think and what we speak out, we decide if we focus on the physical facts or the spiritual truths.

Have you an area of your life today that you are struggling in where the physical facts are dominating you? It could be health, prosperity or rejection for example.

Take your eyes away from the physical facts that may be your reality at the moment and focus them on the Lord through meditation, prayer and study of His Word.

Read, understand and believe the spiritual truths in His Word rather than the facts in the physical realm and this will change your life for the better.

I know it has in mine and I can see the same thing happening for a number of people in the fellowship.

Knowing the spiritual truths at work in your life will allow you to renew your mind and bring about transformation (Romans 12 v 2).

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord for the spiritual truths held within the Scriptures”.

Romans 8 v 6…..For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace


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