DIG for Saturday the 20th of September…..the advantage of wisdom and knowledge of Him…..Proverbs 9 v 11

Proverbs tells us that wisdom and knowledge of God will make us live a longer life!

Our days will multiply and our years will increase; that is what the Word of God says (Proverbs 9 v 11).

That is really quite incredible, that simply by increasing our wisdom and knowledge about the Lord will make us live longer.

How on earth can that be?

Well, we all know that stress for example is not good for us and is known to cause illness and even death.

Knowing that God loves us, has a plan and purpose for us, has an eternal destination for us will result in less stress.

Knowing that we have complete and absolute forgiveness from God and as a gift of grace through faith we have been made righteous will result in more peace in our lives.

Having wisdom in these areas for example will result in more peace and less stress and as a result lengthen our days.

A reverential awe (or fear) of God is a great place to start in this process of gaining wisdom and knowledge about the Lord.

The Word says that this will bring health to thy navel and strength to thy bones (Proverbs 3 v 8).

This will result in an increase your days on this earth.

Stress and peace, health and a long life is what the Lord wants for you.

Above all else He wants you to live in health and prosperity (3 John 2).

You can play your part in this process by increasing your wisdom and knowledge about Him and what He has done for you.

The Word is full of truths about the Lord that will leave you in awe and wonder at His goodness, mercy, love and compassion and will increase peace and reduce stress.

Speak this…..”Thank you Lord that you want me to live in health and abundance and that you want my days on this earth to be many”.

Proverbs 9 v 11…..For by me thy days shall be multiplied, and the years of thy life shall be increased


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