DIG for Saturday the 11th of October…..acceptance, encouragement and love; that’s the way……Luke 7 v 32 and 33

The Pharisees really had it in for Jesus; at various times they tried to stone Him and plotted to kill Him.

Jesus could never do right in the eyes of the religious people of the day.

He said that they accused John the Baptist of being of the devil because he did not drink; yet they called Jesus a glutton and winebibber because He did drink (Luke 7 v 32 and 33).

Jesus is saying you cannot win with these people!

They were critical whatever Jesus did, always looking for an opportunity to have a go at Him (for example, trying to tempt Him with the situation over the woman taken in adultery).

Jesus on the other hand models a way of behaviour that is the opposite of this religious attitude.

He showed mercy, love, forgiveness, acceptance and compassion on those who came to Him for salvation and healing and to those He came across during His ministry.

On the odd occasion that Jesus was critical and hard hitting it was only ever to the religious people i.e. the Pharisees and the scribes.

I would suggest that this is a great model for us as born again believers living under grace; showing an attitude of love, mercy, forgiveness, acceptance and compassion and keeping our harshest speech for the religious bigots who are still alive and well today!

Criticism through religion has no place under the new covenant and should have no place in our lives; the model of behaviour exemplified by Jesus is what the world needs us to display.

Acceptance, encouragement and love, now that’s the way to go!

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord for the example of Jesus, thank you that He was the perfect example of compassion and mercy”.

Luke 7 v 32 and 33…..For John the Baptist came neither eating bread nor drinking wine; and ye say, He hath a devil. The Son of man is come eating and drinking; and ye say, Behold a gluttonous man, and a winebibber, a friend of publican and sinners!


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