DIG for Wednesday the 12th of November…..what is your most important role in the Kingdom……Titus 1 v 1

Many of you reading this may hold office within the church, you may be a pastor or elder, you may be an evangelist or prophet, teacher maybe.

You could be a deacon or serving in another area, worship leader or usher or the person who sets up church or cleans up afterwards.

All these are valid and important roles in the church, but whatever you are doing, whatever your role is, this is not your most important role in the Kingdom.

Your most important role is to be a slave, a slave to the Lord.

Now, that word slave does not have a nice ring to it, in Titus it is actually translated as servant, but the Greek word means slave (Titus 1 v 1).

The root word literally means to be bound to or tied to, so to be a servant or slave to God means to bind your self to Him or tie yourself to Him.

In his greeting to Titus Paul put his relationship with the Lord before his role as an apostle. He did the same thing in Romans and in his epistle to Philemon he actually says he is a prisoner of the Lord (Romans 1 v 1 and Philemon v 1).

And you my friends are the same as Paul.

Your relationship with the Lord comes before what you do for Him.

Your relationship with Him deserves more time, effort and “work” than your role.

If you get the relationship “bit” right the role “bit” will be fulfilled much better.

Don’t let yourself get bound up and tied in to your role with the church, make sure you are bound up and tied into the Lord.

Speak this out…..”Thank you Lord that you have a role for me in Your church, but thank that first and foremost I am your adopted son through Christ Jesus”.

Titus 1 v 1…..Paul, a servant of God, and an apostle of Jesus Christ, according to the faith of God’s elect, and acknowledging of the truth which is after godliness


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