DIG for Thursday the 13th of November…..justified by grace and nothing else; with faith we see the benefits…..Titus 3 v 7

Justification is a wonderful concept as described in the new covenant.

In the Greek it means to be rendered just or innocent, if you read the DIG regularly you will have read this last Sunday.

I make no apologies in coming back to this again today, I have been reading Titus a lot this week getting ready for the sermon on Sunday and this idea of justification is very important.

Also, according to Paul, as pastor I should be “affirming constantly” these amazing truths to the body of Christ (Titus 3 v 8).

Justification is not something that will happen to you in the future, once you get to heaven for example; you have already been justified.

You have already been declared innocent as a gift of grace though faith in the finished work of Jesus.

Paul tells Titus that we are justified by grace (the unmerited favour of God), however we have to choose to believe in Jesus.

He says, “we should be made heirs” into eternal life; this word should says to me that it does not happen automatically (Titus 3 v 7).

Justification comes through grace and faith.

Yes, we are freely justified by grace (Romans 3 v 24), but we manifest the benefits through faith in Jesus (Romans 3 v 28).

Grace, or the finished work of Jesus makes justification available to all men, but we can live in that justification only through having faith in Jesus and His finished work.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that I have already been declared innocent as a gift of grace through faith in Jesus Christ”.

Titus 3 v 7……That being justified by his grace, we should be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life


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