DIG for Wednesday the 17th of December……is that really living peaceably…..Romans 12 v 18

I may be going against the flow here (but that is nothing new) but is anyone else getting fed up with the posts on Facebook about “keeping Christ in Christmas” and “it is Happy Christmas, not happy holidays”?

I feel rather sad when I see and read (and also hear) Christians ranting about how other people should behave at Christmas.

I may start a wee saying myself; how about, “Christmas is about being loving, not about being judgemental”.

Or maybe that is being judgemental also!

What people say or believe about Jesus is not up to us; our role is to simply tell them about Jesus and plant a seed.

We should show people love and then let them make up their own minds, let them be persuaded by the Holy Spirit and by His Word about the truth.

Having a wee rant about how they are “not keeping Christ in Christmas” is not a good way to persuade them about the love, mercy and compassion of Jesus.

Replying to a greeting with “it is happy Christmas, not happy holidays” is not living peaceably with all men, and more likely to encourage strife rather than a meaningful dialogue about Jesus, thus possibly resulting in losing an opportunity to preach the Gospel.

We need to acknowledge that many people do not believe in Jesus and are living their life in the way that they want to; that my friend is called free will.

Now, we can and should tell them about Jesus, and the “festive period” gives us a great opportunity to do that.

Don’t spoil the opportunity by focusing on what this period of the year is called or how people greet each other; focus on Jesus, that He came and what He did for all people.

Jesus died for those you call this time of the year the holidays, the festive period or the winter solstice.

In the Gospels Jesus showed love and compassion to every person He came across, except (dare I say it) the religious Pharisees.

Don’t be like a Pharisee when it comes to what we call this period of time; use this season to show the love and compassion that Jesus would show.

Use this season to try as far as possible to live peaceably with all men.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that Jesus came, and that He came to bring your peace and goodwill toward all men”.

Romans 12 v 18…..If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men


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