DIG for Friday the 2nd of January……Joseph was rejected by his own and ended up saving them…..John 1 v 11

Joseph (son of Jacob) is a wonderful example of how to hold onto your character and integrity while under difficult circumstances (in slavery and prison), and he is also a type or shadow of Jesus.

We can look at the life of Joseph and see Jesus through him.

Joseph came with a message (albeit from a dream) for his family and they did not receive it. They hated him for it and rejected him (Genesis 37).

Joseph went on to fulfil God’s plan in his life (by becoming the second in command in Egypt) and saved his family.

Jesus came to earth in the flesh (John 1 v 14) with the message of grace and was rejected by those He came to help (John 1 v 11).

He was despised and rejected by the majority of men.

Jesus went on to fulfil God’s plan for His life (by dealing with our sin through the shedding of His blood) and saved all mankind.

Joseph was rejected and so was Jesus; Joseph saved his family and Jesus saved men.

Joseph stuck to His plan and purpose, as did Jesus (even in the garden under such extreme circumstances).

There are many types and shadows of Jesus in the Old Testament and many examples for us to follow, with Joseph being just one of many.

As I wrote yesterday the Old Testament is full of encouragement for us.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord for your inspired Holy Scriptures, and thank you that they are there for my instruction and encouragement”.

John 1 v 11…..He came unto his own, and his own received him not


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