DIG for Sunday the 4th of January…..the new thing is already here…..Isaiah 42 v 9

New things, new things, new things; we seem to hear about new things coming in the Kingdom all the time.

God does indeed talk about new things, but what He was talking about is already here.

Isaiah prophesied about new things in Isaiah 42; he wrote things would pass away, new would come in, and God would tell us about this first.

In this passage Isaiah is telling us about the coming of Jesus, and the new thing he is talking about is the new covenant.

It is not about something new that God will do tomorrow, next week or next year; it is not talking about a new season when God will do a new thing.

The new thing is the new covenant.

The new covenant was ushered in through the finished work of Jesus Christ, the new came and the old passed away.

The new thing Isaiah is prophesying about is reconciliation, forgiveness, mercy and grace.

The new thing is the opportunity to be saved and made righteous.

Praise God, these new things are here already.

We don’t need to listen to the “prophets” that tell us God is going to do a new thing once we do something first (like forgiveness for example once we humble ourselves and turn from our wicked ways); His work is complete through the finished work of Jesus Christ and all the things we need are here already.

God said He would tell us what these new things would be before He did them, and He has done this through Scripture.

He has told us Jesus would come and deal with our sin, bringing about reconciliation and forgiveness.

He has told us that He would give us the Holy Spirit once Jesus returned to Heaven.

He has done what He said He would do, He has no new thing to give us.

Beware of turning away from the truth of sound doctrine toward fables about this new thing and that new thing (1 Timothy 4 v 3 and 4).

God has done His new thing, and that new thing is here and we are now living under it.

We are living under the new covenant.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord for the finished work of Jesus Christ, and thank you that I now live under the new covenant”.

Isaiah 42 v 9…..Behold, the former things are come to pass, and new things do I declare: before they spring forth I tell you of them


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