DIG for Saturday the 14th of March…..read all the Bible not just wee bits…..Romans 3 v 23

When I opened my Bible this morning I found that I was at Romans 3 and 4.

I noticed the one bit of highlighting that was on Romans 3 v 23, and was reminded that this was a verse I highlighted many years ago.

I was in a “different place” in terms of doctrine and theology back then and this highlight is a picture of that different place.

I had been focussing on the negative part of this passage, rather than the positive parts either side of it.

The teaching I was receiving was more about the sinning rather than the righteousness, justification or redemption.

From this I can see that my focus, or what I was mainly meditating upon was wrong.

This passage of Scripture is not about how we are all sinners and have come short of the standard that God has set.

It is all about how through the finished work of Jesus Christ that issue has been sorted!

Through faith in Jesus we have been made as righteous as God (Romans 3 v 22).

Through faith in Jesus we have been justified as a free gift and have been redeemed, or bough back (Romans 3 v 24).

Those are the truths we should be focussing on rather than the sin bit.

If I ever get a new Bible I will be highlighting Romans 3 v 22 and 24 this time!

Focus on and speak out about the goodness of God, as that is what will lead men to repentance (Romans 2 v 4).

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that the sin issue has been dealt with and that as a gift of grace through Faith in Jesus I am righteous and justified and have been redeemed”.

Romans 3 v 23…..For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God


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