DIG for Sunday the 15th of March……no more fear of superstitions…..Psalm 91 v 5

Thanks to Zan for the DIG today……

In the news this week we have seen how different countries view and react to the spectacle of an eclipse.  In some places it is looked on with great fear and trepidation, as they believe it is a sign that something awful is going to befall them all.

It made me realise how wonderful it is to know and be assured of all the promises of God written in His word.

As we meditate on His word and believe and put faith in what we are reading, we can have such deep peace in the knowledge of Him.

We no longer have to worry about all the scaremongering that is constantly bombarding us in the media and by the people we meet.

We can give thanks that we now have peace with God because of what Jesus has done at the cross (Romans 5 v 1), and that God no longer wants to pour out His wrath on us every time we go wrong.

His word tells us that no evil shall befall us and no plague shall come nigh thy dwelling (Psalm 91 v 10).

Because He is for us it doesn’t matter who is against us as He is stronger than any foe (Romans 8 v 31).

Our Lord is continually pouring out His goodness over us as we go about our day (Psalm 23 v 6).

It is His delight to crown our year with His goodness (Psalm 65 v 11).

His blessings pour down on us and overtake us because He loves us all so much (Deuteronomy 28 v 2).

We have so many scriptures to meditate on that bring us peace and joy so we don’t have to give in to worry and fear when we read and see what is going on around us.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that I no longer have to be anxious about my future because you go before me always, watching and helping me as I go”.

Psalm 91 v 5…..Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day