DIG for Tuesday the 12th of May…..faith is not the issue, the issue is unbelief….. Mark 9 v 24

We have been looking at faith for the last few DIGs, and have seen that we all have the same measure of faith and it is the faith of Christ (Romans 12 v 3, Galatians 2 v 20 and Philippians 3 v9).

Lack of faith is not an issue for us today.

The issue is unbelief.

We can all have faith and believe, but also at the same time all have unbelief.

The job of the Christian today is not to try and get more faith (after all you have the measure of faith and it is the faith of Christ) but to get rid of unbelief.

In 2 Peter 1 v 3 we read that we already have been given all that we require for life and godliness, and the way to see this manifest is knowledge of Him.

In this context Him is referring to Jesus.

The way to remove unbelief is through knowledge of Jesus, and that can only be found in one place, in the Word of God.

The whole of the Bible is about Jesus, from Genesis 1 v 1 through to Revelation 22 v 21.

By immersing yourself in the Word, gaining knowledge and understanding, you can remove unbelief from your life.

You will then see the manifestation of life and godliness that we are promised in 2 Peter.

Unbelief robs us of what the Lord has already purchased for us, unbelief ruins live and unbelief kills.

Knowledge of Him, through the Word of God, is the destroyer of unbelief.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord for your inspired Word, and thank you through understanding it has the power to change my life”.

Mark 9 v 24…..And straightway the father of the child cried out, and said with tears, Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief


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