DIG for Monday the 8th of June…..grace, not a doctrine or a teaching or a message…..Titus 2 v 11

We were reminded in the message at MGF yesterday that grace is not a doctrine or teaching or message, but is a person.

Jesus Christ is the personification of grace.

Jesus is the only means by which a man can be saved, the only route to salvation; no man comes to the Father (and therefore salvation) except through Him (John 14 v 6).

The Gospel of John also talks about grace, saying that it came by Christ Jesus (John 1 v 17).

So again the Word tells us that grace is a person, and that person is Jesus Christ.

This verse in John also tells us of another great thing about grace, telling us that it is the truth.

Grace is truth, wow; tell that to the religious Pharisees of today and see them get upset!

Grace is also very powerful.

According to the epistle to Titus it is the way to lead a sober, righteous and godly life (Titus 2 v 12).

This is the opposite of what the religious Pharisees of today will tell you, so no wonder they get annoyed.

Paul told Titus that living in this way, teaching and preaching grace, would lead to him being despised, so it should come as no surprise when the same happens to us (Titus 2 v 15).

Don’t let this stop you speaking about grace; you are speaking the truth and speaking about Jesus.

When we preach the “grace message” we are preaching Jesus; I get accused of only teaching the grace message, so I take that as a compliment and not as abuse as intended!

Grace is God’s message of unconditional love, mercy and forgiveness to mankind, and it came into this world with arms and legs.

Grace came as Jesus, so keep preaching grace.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord for Jesus Christ, thank you that He is the personification of your grace”.

Titus 2 v 11…..For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men


DIG for Sunday the 7th of June…..heaven will be great, but life is meant to be great right now…..3 John 2

I am sure Heaven will be awesome, there are many descriptions in the Word and of course we will be in the presence of the Lord.

But to be honest I am more concerned with life here on earth than anticipating what it will be like in Heaven.

Far too much time in the body of Christ today is spent wishing and hoping and longing for being in Heaven; singing of that glorious day, thinking how great it will be when the pain and struggles of this life are over, looking forward to the blessings waiting there for us.

This is the wrong attitude to have, and to be completely honest it is not a great witness!

Life is not a preamble to Heaven, and it is not something to endure until we get into Glory.

Life is for the living, like I saw once in an advertisement for Christian Aid, “We believe in life before death”.

Jesus died so that we could live a life of health and abundance (John 10 v 10 and 3 John 2).

Jesus died so that as believers we could have all spiritual blessings right here and right now (Ephesians 1 v 3).

Jesus died so that we could have all that pertains to life and godliness right now (2 Peter 1 v 3).

The Christian life should not be a THEN life, it is a NOW life.

In this life we are blessed, highly favoured and deeply love by the Lord and it is meant to be enjoyed.

Yes, there will be trials and struggles, the Word tells us so, but these are to be triumphed over and not endured.

Life is for living, not for longing and hoping!

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord for all spiritual blessings, for health and for abundance, all supplied to me already through the finished work of Jesus”.

3 John 2…..Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth