DIG for Saturday the 4th of July…..when is it nice to be a prisoner…..Philemon v 1

In his opening remarks to Philemon Paul describes himself as a prisoner of Jesus Christ.

This is something he writes a couple of times in his other letters (2 Timothy 1 v 8 and Ephesians 3 v 1 and 4 v 1).

The term prisoner does not have nice connotations, as normally prisoners are held against their will or are being held because of their crimes.

Yet Paul seems to be happy saying he is a prisoner of Jesus Christ.

The word means a prisoner, a person in bonds or chains, a person captive and bound.

I agree that this does not sound good, however have a think what it means if we are a prisoner with regards to Jesus.

It means that we are bound to righteousness.

It means that we are captive to holiness.

It means we are chained to health and prosperity.

To be a prisoner of Jesus is to be “stuck with” all the good things that He appropriated for us at the cross.

As with Paul I am very happy to be a prisoner of Jesus Christ, as I would rather be bound and chained to Him than to the world.

In this context it sounds rather nice to be a prisoner.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that I too am a prisoner of Jesus Christ”.

Philemon v 1…..Paul, a prisoner of Jesus Christ, and Timothy our brother, unto Philemon our beloved, and fellow labourer