DIG for Friday the 17th of July…..another prediction of the end of the world…..Acts 1 v 7

So there is another set of emails and Facebook posts doing the rounds telling us when Jesus is coming back or when the world is going to end; allegedly this time it is in September.

I couldn’t tell you when in September as I’ve not read the content, knowing that this is something that no man can ever know or predict.

Jesus tells His disciples that knowing when He is coming back, or the commencement of the end of the world, is going to be at a date and time known only to the Father (Acts 1 v 6 and 7).

We can know lots of things about the Lord and the Kingdom, but when He is coming back is not one of them.

There have been many predictions of this over the years but none have come true as we are all still here!

Jesus however says that there are things in our power.

We are to be a witness for Him and preach the Gospel into all parts of the earth (Acts 1 v 8).

The Gospel is the good news of Jesus Christ, that He has come and has dealt with our sin and opened the door into righteousness and salvation.

We are to be preaching about Jesus not concerning ourselves with when He is coming back.

We should of course be saying that He is coming back, but we cannot know when, so what is the point in wasting time going on about it?

It is not for us to know and anyone who pretends to know is at worst a charlatan or at best someone who is misguided and does not understand the Word of God.

Don’t add fuel to the fire by reading this nonsense, focus on His forgiveness, reconciliation, righteousness and salvation and tell that to people.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that we have been given to role of preaching the Gospel, help me to focus on that today”.

Acts 1 v 7…..And he said unto them, It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power


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