DIG for Saturday the 18th of July…..before all things and holds all things together, that’s quit a role profile…..Colossians 1 v 17

I’m sure I’ve written this before, but I need to say it again; Colossians 1 v 14 to 20 is in my opinion the best description of Jesus in the whole of Scripture.

Sometimes it seems that people think Jesus “came on the scene” when He was born as a man just over two thousand years ago.

The truth could not be further from that.

Jesus always has been and He always will be.

He is the first and the last, the Alpha and Omega (Revelation 1 v 8).

Jesus was the agent of creation (Colossians 1 v 16 and Hebrews 1 v 2).

Yes He was a man and came to dwell among us but He was, and is and always will be, God (John 1 v 14).

Never think of Jesus as just a man; He was all man yet all God.

I marvel that the God of Creation could love me so much that He gave up heaven to come to earth to set in motion my salvation.

I really hope that you can appreciate that truth as well; that Jesus loved you so much that He came here as a man to die for your sins (John 3 v 16 and 1 John 2 v 2).

It is amazing to think (and quite hard to get your head around) that Jesus, while holding together creation and the universe, had the inclination to think about you and I and about the requirements for our salvation.

I think that is just awesome.

I don’t think I’ll ever really understand that or how He did it, but I don’t have to, I just have to believe His Word.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord for Jesus and thank you for His amazing and wonderful finished work”.

Colossians 1 v 17…..And he is before all things, and by him all things consist


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