DIG for Monday the 24th of August……these things I will tell you all the time…..Titus 3 v 7

To affirm constantly, this was the advice given to Titus by Paul.

To affirm constantly means to confirm thoroughly or to explain well, and this is great advice for a pastor and teacher.

But what is Paul asking Titus to affirm constantly?

He is talking about being justified by grace through faith, and that it is the righteousness and performance of Jesus that means man can be saved.

This is exactly what Paul has just written to Titus.

Jesus appeared to man; He became flesh and dwelt among us (Titus 3 v 4 and John 1 v 14).

Man is saved not by his own works, but through the work of Jesus (Titus 3 v 5 and 6).

We are justified (declared innocent and made righteous) as a gift of grace (Titus 3 v 7).

We are forgiven and reconciled, so that the opportunity is given for salvation and righteousness, through the work of Jesus and nothing to do with our performance.

Like any gift we need to accept it to receive the benefit; all the great things that we are through Christ and in Christ is received by faith through grace.

These are truths that we need to hear again and again and again, and these are truths that I will keep speaking out as a teacher and pastor.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that I have been justified as a gift of grace through faith”.

Titus 3 v 7…..That being justified by his grace, we should be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life


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