DIG for Sunday the 4th of October…..there are times when we just need to do something…..Acts 3 v 7

When Peter and John went to the Temple in Acts 3 they went out without money or possessions, they did not have silver or gold.

When asked for money they replied, “We have none, but we can give you what we have” (my paraphrase obviously).

They had hope, they had faith in Jesus and they had faith to heal, and this is what the man needed far more than any money.

Instead of giving him something, Peter actually did something instead.

He reached out to him and started to lift him up.

In my head I see the crippled man pushing and trying to stand at the same time, now this is not explicitly said in Scripture but it is what I see.

I see two people in agreement, reaching out together for healing and doing something; and it was at this point that healing was made manifest.

Active faith is what this passage of Scripture is all about.

Peter had active faith in reaching out to heal, while the man have active faith to reach out and receive healing.

That is a very powerful combination.

Jesus wants every one of us to live in health and abundance (3 John 2).

But we have to believe and reach out and take the healing that He is offering us, just like the man reached out to Peter.

Healing is a free gift offered up as part of the sozo package, as part of what Jesus did on the cross.

A gift is no good if we do not accept it, receive it and open it up.

Take your healing this evening; He is giving you this gift right now.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord for the healing that you have already provided for me, I accept that healing RIGHT NOW”.

Acts 3 v 7…..And he took him by the right hand, and lifted him up: and immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength


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