DIG for Friday the 16th of October…..Friday or Monday, it should make no difference…..Romans 8 v 6

While listening to the radio today I heard a report about people not sleeping well on a Sunday night due to worrying and stressing about going back to work on Monday.

And with today being Friday you can go on social media and see how happy people are with the weekend being here.

The trouble with most people today is that they look at everything on the natural and physical level; how are things looking and how are we feeling is what is important, and we feel good on a Friday but feel bad on a Monday.

People are also having their thought life driven by feelings and emotions.

It should be the other way round; we should drive our feelings and emotions by the way that we think.

If we look at everything on the purely physical and natural (or carnal) we will get stressed; the world is in such a mess this should come as no surprise.

But if we can look at the spiritual aspects of this life, especially if you are a Christian, there should be no worry or stress.

Whatever day of the week, Monday or Friday, thinking spiritually leads to peace, a lack of worry and stress (Romans 8 v 6).

Getting into the Word, talking to the Lord, spending time with Him is all looking at things in the spiritual and will have a positive impact on your day, whatever day of the week it is.

You choose how to start and end your day, doing “spiritual” things will change the way you go into the day or go out of it towards the next.

Looking at the physical all the time is not good for you, read Romans 8 v 6 again and see what it leads to; get your thoughts on the things of the Lord (or the spiritual) and see the difference it makes.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord for prayer, for meditation and for you Word, all ways to help me think spiritually”.

Romans 8 v 6…..For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace