DIG for Wednesday the 21st of October…..the key is to focus, to keep thinking, on Him…..Isaiah 26 v 3


I’ve often written about this verse in DIG, but I felt led to use it again after hearing it in some teaching from the conference I am attending.

I also talk a lot about the fact that what we think is important, having a direct impact on our lives.

This verse points out that if we want peace we need to focus on, to think on, to keep our mind stayed on the Lord.

Now this is not a “once in the morning” or “once in the evening” process; this is a daylong thing.

I’m not against devotional times, however for many Christians their daily devotional is their only interaction with the Lord.

This is not enough for peace to reign in your life; your mind needs to be stayed on God all day for this to happen.

But how can I keep my mind on God all day you may be asking, epically if you have a job or are at school or have a family to look after.

Let me ask you a question?

If you are having relationship issues or financial problems can you worry about them all day while going about your usual business?

I’m sure the answer is yes.

If you can worry all day (or keep your mind stayed) about your problems you can do the same with the Lord.

You can meditate on things on the Lord (a worship song, a verse of Scripture, a Biblical principle) as you go about your daily business.

Worry is negative meditation, and we all seem to be good at that; we can turn it around and meditate in a positive way, that is keeping your mind stayed on God.

Listen to worship music or a sermon as you drive to and from work instead of tuning in to the bad news of the world; that is keeping your mind stayed on God.

Focussing on Him all day long will bring you peace, that is guaranteed as that is what the word of God says.

If you are not in peace this morning then you mind is not focussed on the things of the Lord, and must be focussed on something of the world; it is that simple!

Get your mind onto the Lord and keep it on the Lord and peace will reign in your life.

Speak this out today….”Thank you Lord for your peace that can reign in my life, thank you for your Word and the Holy Spirit here to help me keep my mind stayed on you”

Isaiah 26 v 3…..Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee


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