DIG for Saturday the 24th of October…..now that’s a powerful prayer…..John 11 v 43

I love reading the prayers of Jesus; they are so short compared to many of the prayers that we hear today.

“Powerful” prayer today seems to be loud and long, and quite often in what I call “King James English”.

For prayer it is quality rather than quantity that is important.

Jesus bringing Lazarus back from the dead is one of the most powerful and wonderful miracles achieved by Jesus and it was brought about by three words, yes, only three words.

I heard one preacher one time saying the most powerful prayer to pray when you are in trouble is “help”.

When we are laying hands on people for healing we do not need to tell God all about what is wrong, we do not need to speak out what the doctor said and we do not need to beg and plead.

“Be healed in the mighty name of Jesus” is a good prayer.

“Pain be gone, in Jesus name” is a good prayer.

To raise Lazarus from the dead Jesus simply called him by name and then said come forth; it was a short and powerful prayer.

“Maid, arise” is an even shorter prayer, yet still as powerful, once again raising a person from the dead (Luke 8 v 54).

Speaking in authority and with belief is far better than long-winded prayers that prattle on and on!

Prayer is telling your mountain about God, not telling God about your mountain.

Prayer is telling your mountain, swiftly and in authority, where to get off!

Prayer could simply be speaking out Scripture over your mountain.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord for your Word, and thank you for the example of prayer we see from Jesus”.

John 11 v 43…..And when he thus had spoken, he cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, come forth