DIG for Monday the 26th of October…..there are 2 “different” types of holiness…..Ephesians 4 v 24

Have you ever been flicking through the Word trying to find one passage or one version and been stopped in your tracks by another?

That has just happened to me; I was planning having a look at the start of Galatians and saw a word underlined in Ephesians 4 v 24 and the Lord said, “Stop, look at that word true”.

Straight away I thought, “I know this verse about true holiness, but I wonder why it uses the word true”, and the Lord replied, “Because some holiness is not true”.

So what is true and untrue holiness?

Striving to be good by doing good works is not true holiness.

Looking to your own efforts and thinking you are doing well is not true holiness.

Getting your worth from your deeds and actions is not true holiness.

True holiness came when your spirit, your new man, was created new at your point of salvation; at that point you were created holy and made a saint.

God made you holy, God created you holy, at that point and there is nothing you can do to become more holy or less holy.

True holiness is the state of holiness in your spirit, while untrue holiness is you thinking you are holy through your own actions, works and deeds.

If you are born again, if you have trusted in Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, you have been made holy and need to start thinking and believing that you are holy and that you are saint.

If you do this you will start doing holy actions, not to become holy but out of being holy.

If you think you are a saint you are more likely to behave like a saint, not to become saintly but because of our saintliness.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that as a gift of grace through faith in the finished work of Jesus I am holy and I am a saint”.

Ephesians 4 v 24…..And that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness


DIG for Sunday the 25th of October…….God is speaking to you; you just need to be in a place to listen…..2 Timothy 2 v 15

I preached this morning about the continuing need for study and teaching within a local church setting, believing this was what God had asked me to do and believing that He had confirmed that to me last week.

I’ve just listened to a message from Bob Yandian and got exactly the same message again, yet another confirmation from God that what I am doing is in His will for my life.

God speaks to us all the time, however we have to ensure that we are listening.

God will speak to you again and again, confirming what He has said, if you give Him a chance and listen.

We can listen in many ways; prayer, reading the Word, talking with other believers, listening to teaching are all ways that we can hear from God.

And it is wonderful when you hear the same message from God via different routes.

God has a plan and purpose for every single one of us and wants to tell us about this, indeed He is trying to tell us all the time.

We have a responsibility to put ourselves in a place in order to listen; we have a responsibility to do things that will help us listen.

I watched some football on the internet last night and didn’t hear much from God, yet when I opened my Bible and settled down to read the Word I heard Him quite clearly.

Different people hear from God in different ways, and we can hear from God in multiple ways.

Every one of us needs to find the ways in which we hear from God, and then once we’ve found them do them!

God is speaking to you today, pouring our His heart for you and your life, and He desperately wants you to hear.

But you have to choose to hear!

Speak this out today….”Thank you Lord that you are speaking to me right now, and thank you that I can and will listen to you”.

2 Timothy 2 v 15…..Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth