DIG for Saturday the 7th of November…..what one word would you use to describe Jesus…..Luke 7 v 13

I think this is a very difficult question and one you could answer in many different ways, indeed you would probably answer it in different ways at different times.

For me at the moment the word I would use to describe Jesus would be compassionate.

This is a word we see used to describe Jesus on many occasions.

Jesus had compassion for the multitudes that followed Him (Mark 8 v 2).

Jesus was move with compassion to heal all the sick in front of Him (Matthew 14 v 14).

Jesus had compassion on the leper kneeling on front of Him and healed him (Mark 1 v 41).

Jesus had compassion on the widow and raised her son from the dead (Luke 7 v 13 and 14).

Jesus, as we know, is the express image of the Father, so this is a description that we can transfer onto Father God.

He is compassionate and He has compassion for every man alive.

He was compassion for you.

Whatever situation you are going through or whatever difficulty you are facing God has compassion for you and wants to help you through.

He has so much compassion for you that His Son died so that you might be saved, healed and made whole.

He has made provision for your every need because He is a God of compassion.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that you are a God of compassion”.

Luke 7 v 13…..And when the Lord saw her, he had compassion on her, and said unto her, Weep not