DIG for Wednesday the 23rd of March…..a real Super Hero…..Romans 5 v 7

Thanks to Sean for another DIG today…..

You cannot help but notice that there is a plethora of superhero movies around at the moment.

Heroes fighting heroes over ideologies, it seems to be in our psyche.

The ancient Greeks and Romans had stories of their Gods and the need for heroes.

Whether based on ancient myth or modern comic books we have in our psyche the need for a hero and a saviour.

Men have tried creating archetypes in red and black but usually those who have to be saved are on the whole innocent.

There have been quandaries for heroes as they decide to save someone, but they save people nonetheless.

But all these are fictional super heroes.

Two thousand years ago there was a real hero at work.

If he had a super hero name he would have just been called ‘Saviour ‘or in the Greek ‘Sozo’.

He was the one that was a true Saviour and what is more He died for all so that all could no longer be trapped in their sin.

His archenemies were ‘Sin’ and ‘Death’ and one known as ‘The Accuser’ (Satan).

He (our hero) had no red cape nor did he wear a mask but He had a remit from the God of Love and died for each and every one of us.

A real hero, in real time and not a myth but a true man and true God; His name was Jesus.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you God for saving me and setting me free for real, thank you that are not a myth and that all pales into insignificance because of what you did”.

Romans 5 v 7…..For scarcely for a righteous man will one die: yet peradventure for a good man some would even dare to die


DIG for Tuesday the 22nd of March…..it’s not all about money, but we are to live in abundance…..John 10 v 10

One of my favourite verses in Scripture is John 10 v 10.

We can read about the mission of Jesus and the mission of the enemy in the same verse.

Jesus came to bring us life, and life in abundance.

The enemy is here to steal, kill and destroy what we have received from Jesus.

You have to already have something in your life before the enemy can steal, kill or destroy it.

So we already have this abundance provided by Jesus.

Every born again believer has therefore been provided with abundance.

Now this is not just about money, however money is included.

The Word says that Jesus was made poor (in monetary terms) so that we could be made rich (in monetary terms) (2 Corinthians 8 v 9).

Money is a resource there to be used for the furtherance of the Kingdom, not to fulfil your own lusts.

So do not be embarrassed if you have abundance (especially in monetary terms), but as I wrote yesterday never let a love for money come into your life.

Let your love of God and God’s love for you shine through how you use this money and abundance that Jesus has provided for you, being a testimony to others.

Do not let the enemy steal your abundance through a false humility or through ignorance of the Word.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that I can live in abundance because of the finished work of Jesus Christ”.

John 10 v 10…..The thief cometh not, but for to steal, kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly

DIG for Monday the 21st of March…..money is not the root of all evil…..1 Timothy 6 v 10

In the message yesterday I was reminded about one of the errors that have crept into the church in the guise as Scripture; that money is the root of all evil.

This is nonsense if you know the Bible.

It is not money that is the issue; money is a neutral and essential substance that can be used for both good and bad.

It is the love of money that is the problem (1 Timothy 6 v 10) and Scripture is clear on this matter.

I see the love of money as a form of idolatry that takes your focus and love away from God.

Relying on money is the same as not trusting in God, and in that sense is not good news.

As I heard yesterday money can come and go, it can be built up and the lost in an instant, yet God is always constant.

God is where we should put our trust and our love.

Money is very useful and is required; I could not run my ministry without money for example.

However we must realise that money (and other resources) is provided by God, either through people or through the skills He has provided us with.

Money is indeed something we require in this world, much like food, clothing and housing.

Love of money is something we must flee from (1 Timothy 6 v 11).

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that you are the Great Provider, thank you for all that you have given me”.

1 Timothy 6 v 10…..For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows