DIG for Tuesday the 29th of March…..was Jesus always a carpenter…..Genesis 1 v 1

Thanks to Sean for this extension to my DIG from Friday 25th March…..

A few days ago Pastor Vic spoke of the word for ‘God’ in this verse in the original Hebrew.

Biblical Hebrew can be broken down into three pictorial phases, which is letters that made up words in Hebrew forming pictures.

Genesis was written in what is now termed as ‘early Semitic’ but most translators today use the square form so losing some of that picture.

Genesis 1 v 1 as a first verse is awesome because when you read it in its original form a picture emerges.

When I do the reveal in a minute if you are not amazed or there is no bazinga moment then I shall be very surprised.

So here it is –

‘In the beginning, first and foremost, most importantly God (the many but the one) created, like a carpenter carves out of wood, the heavens (the spiritual realm) and the earth (the physical realm)’.

Now is that not amazing from get go God setting forth His plan and it is seen in the very first verse.

Is it any wonder that when Jesus came to earth He was in the family of a carpenter and is it any wonder that He would die on an implement ‘carved out’ of man’s hands?

Speak this out today…..Thank you God for your awesome plan that was there from before creation for each and every one of us, carved out by you and based around your son Jesus”.

Genesis 1 v 1…..In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth


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