DIG for Friday the 8th of April…..more about love…..John 17 v 26

Second in mini series from Sean…..

We have already looked at John 17 v 23, and just three verses on we are told that this very love that God holds for us (as much as He holds for Himself) will live inside of us, indeed Jesus Himself will be in us.

This is awesome news it means yet again we depend on God’s love working out of us not our own.

It is not about an emotion, though at times our emotions can be aligned with the Holy Spirit, but it is about letting God work through us in faith and in love.

This love uses marriage as an analogy, this is like the sort of love that one spouse has for another.

It does not want to hurt or upset or let down; it reflects the other and works out of that love.

This is about the giving of Christ within us.

Not so much the giving of self, we should have done that already when we gave our lives over to God and became new creations.

This is where we are salt and light and this is where, and how seeds are sown.

Love had an appropriate action.

The Father’s Love was in Giving His Son.

Jesus’ love was in accepting that commission and becoming sin so that we could become righteous.

As it is with righteousness so it is with love.

Ultimately it should lead others and us to the Cross; it is all about Him (Jesus) not about us.

Love and faith go hand in hand.

Love helps us to respond to the prompting of God sometimes going on crazy journeys.

My fellowship will tell you sometimes I do what seem like crazy things to express a message from God (staring into people’s eyes and telling them, as Jesus, that He loves them, people swore that they saw into Jesus’ Eyes, or often having a word of wisdom or knowledge for people, just 2 of many examples).

Recently I learnt that someone in our village had died who I spoke to often but rarely spoke the Gospel too, that was not love that was just self-preservation, on a psycho emotional level.

It happens rarely now but it does happen.

God’s love is in following His promptings and as you do this you may have no emotion attached, or your mind renewed and emotions may be in line, but either way follow God’s promptings in faith and let Him do the rest.

When I write next I shall use Peter as an example.

Speak this out today…..”Thank You Lord that it is not about me or how I feel but in how I respond in faith to what you want that I should do. I thank you that I do not have to get bogged down in guilt over this but can start responding in love to all I meet. Thank you Lord that it is all about you not about me”.

John 17 v 26…..And I have declared unto them thy name, and will declare it: that the love wherewith thou hast loved me may be in them, and I in them


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