DIG for Tuesday the 26th of April…..quality and not just abundance…..John 2 v 10

LOL….I forgot to post yesterday’s DIG!!!!….

When I write or preach on the first miracle of Jesus I tend to focus on this as a picture of abundance.

We see Jesus ‘producing’ a ridiculously huge volume of wine at the wedding at Cana, more wine than could ever have been required.

This is clearly a picture of the abundant provision that He has supplied to every one of us through His finished work on the cross.

When reading this account again this morning a thought popped into my head, saying “this is also about the quality of His provision”.

In the passage about this miracle the ruler of the feast commented on how good the wine was that Jesus had made (John 2 v 10).

Normally once men had ‘numbed’ their palate with a few drinks the wine went down in quality, but the wine Jesus made was better than the first.

Of course, this is a picture about law and grace, the old and the new covenant, however it is also a picture of the quality of His provision.

Jesus only gives us the best; He gives us health, prosperity, joy and peace, He gives us things that generate a good life.

Jesus has provided only good things through the cross.

The provision made by Jesus has the stamp of quality on it.

In this world we have to pay for quality, the more quality a product has generally the more expensive it is.

The good news is that the ‘quality products’ we can have from Jesus are free.

We can receive all that Jesus has done for us as a gift of grace through faith; there are no works (or payments) involved.

Speak this out today….”Thank you Lord for the finished work of Jesus and thank you for all the marvellous things I have received because of it”.

John 2 v 10…..And saith unto him, Every man at the beginning doth set down good wine; and when men have well drunk, then that which is worse: but thou hast kept the good wine until now


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