DIG for Monday the 9th of May…..salt and light, wherever you are and whatever you are doing…..Matthew 5 v 13 and 14

What a wonderful revelation I had yesterday morning whilst listening to an excellent teaching from Duane Sheriff.

When I left Diageo about 2 years ago it was to ‘move towards full time ministry’.

I would do more ‘ministry’ work and less ‘secular’ work; sometimes this is what my week looks like but sometimes I do a lot of ‘secular’ work in a given week, and I wonder sometimes why I am still doing so much ‘secular’ work.

Listening to Duane yesterday I realised that everything I do is ministry, it is not divided into ministry and non-ministry.

Where ever I am and whatever I am doing I am salt and light, bringing Jesus into any and every situation, even if it is barley and malt consultancy or teaching about whisky production.

This idea was reinforced watching a video from Todd White this morning; wherever we are and whatever we are doing we are the light of the world and the salt of the earth, bringing Jesus with us wherever we go.

Are you going to school this morning; then that is your ministry today.

Are you going to work in a shop, store or supermarket; then that is your ministry today.

Are you at home, with your family or on your own; then that is your ministry today.

Are you preaching or teaching the Word or running a church; then that is your ministry today.

Wherever you are this morning and whatever you are doing have the mind-set that you are in ministry and do it for the Lord!

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that you have a plan and purpose for my life and thank you that whatever I am doing today I AM IN MINISTRY”.

Matthew 5 v 13 and 14……Ye are the salt of the earth……Ye are the light of the world