DIG for Sunday the 15th of May…..are you listening this morning…..John 10 v 27

God can speak to us in many ways, if we are prepared to listen and recognise His voice.

In church today He spoke to me through what the children were doing.

We do not have any separate ‘work’ for the children, everyone is on the same room.

In the past their noise sometimes disturbed me but today the Lord taught me a couple of valuable lessons.

In a quiet time of worship I could hear the kids giggling and whispering, and the Lord said that there was life and joy in the fellowship.

At another point a small child was opening a sweet and then went, “yum, yum, yuuuuummmmmm”.

Yes this was quite funny, but the Lord said that this is what the adults should be saying when they are in worship and receive the Word.

Worship and Word are good and tasty, and we should enjoy them as a child enjoys a sweet, with eagerness and gratitude.

How is the Lord trying to reach you and speak to you today?

Yes, His main way is through His Word, however He can use anything to get His point to us, even noisy children!

If we are listening to the Lord we will hear His voice; and it may be in strange places as well as the more ‘usual’ ones.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that you are so interested in me that you are speaking to me all the time”.

John 10 v 27…..My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me


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