DIG for Saturday the 21st of May…..baptism of the Holy Spirit is a secondary and separate experience…..Acts 19 v 2

Out of my DIG yesterday I had some very interesting conversations and questions; one went a little bit like this, “don’t we get the baptism of the Holy Spirit at salvation?”

The answer is no, so let me explain using Scriptures.

In Acts 19 we see Paul passing through the upper coasts and coming to Ephesus, where he found certain believers (Acts 19 v 1).

So Paul is talking to Christians, he is talking to born again believers.

He asks them this telling question, “Have you received the Holy Ghost SINCE ye believed?” (Acts 19 v 2)

This shows that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is a secondary experience, or as separate experience, different from salvation.

They said they had received water baptism (Acts 19 v 3) so Paul baptises them in the Holy Spirit (Acts 19 v 5 and 6).

A similar account can be seen in Acts 8 where Peter and John baptise believers in the Holy Ghost (Acts 8 v 14 to 17).

There of course can be next to no time from receiving salvation to receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit, for many of us it was years.

But you can be baptised in the Spirit any time after salvation.

However Scripture is clear, it is a separate experience from salvation.

So I encourage you today to search these Scriptures and if you have not partaken in that separate experience ask for it today.

Speak this out…..”Thank you Lord for salvation and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, thank you that they are freely available as a gift of grace through faith”.

 Acts 19 v 2…..He said unto them, Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed? And they said unto him, We have not so much as heard whether there be any Holy Ghost