DIG for Saturday the 18th of June…..faith requires obedience not understanding…..Romans 1 v 17

It is wonderful receiving a new revelation about the Word from a preacher, it is also super receiving a confirmation from the Lord through a sermon or message.

Brother Paul was preaching about the just living by faith this evening and what he said confirmed my testimony.

When we live in faith we have to sometimes leave what seems like the logical thing to do behind.

Faith does not require understanding, faith requires obedience.

Two years ago the Lord told me to leave the full-time job I was in, without giving me the plan of what to do afterwards.

I had been working towards this for many years, but in my strength and with my planning and logic it seemed as if it would never happen.

Once the Lord told my wife and me that I was to leave employment it required a step of faith to comply.

Logic said no, the world said no, my own mind was sometimes saying no, yet he Lord had spoken.

Once I had resigned the Lord then ‘downloaded’ what I was to do going forward and it has been wonderful.

I have been provided for with abundance and been able to provide for my family in abundance.

What the Lord had planned for me was unseen to me at the time, however He knew.

He had spoken so I had to obey, or rather I had the choice to obey or not.

Has the Lord spoken to you about something?

If you are sure He has then take that step of faith in obedience and you will be able to walk into His abundant blessings.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that you have a plan and purpose for every single one of us, and thank you that it is a wonderful plan”.

Romans 1 v 17…..For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith


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