DIG for Sunday the 19th of June…..church is whenever and wherever we meet…..Hebrews 10 v 24

Church is not about the buildings and the practices; church is all about people.

Church is wherever and whenever we meet together as born again believers.

I have been fortunate over the last week and a half to have ‘done church’ with numerous believers.

From in the home of a dear brother and sister to in a church building, from in a bible college office to a sea front coffee shop and conference centre, from walking along the beach to sharing breakfast around the table in a bunkhouse; I’ve been to ‘church’ a lot this week!

Every time I met believers, wherever we were we ‘did church’.

The writer to the Hebrews talks about provoking each other; this means to stir up, to literally jab someone so that they have to respond.

Every time we ‘do church’ we should be challenged and activated, this is what Hebrews 10 v 24 is talking about.

I praise God that I was ‘jabbed’ many times this week by brothers and sisters in the Lord, and in return I hope I ‘jabbed’ them back.

We do not have to go to church to ‘do church’ (please note I am NOT telling you to stay away from church).

I am however encouraging you to meet with other believers, to provoke each other to God’s kind of love and to good works.

This of course can be done in the traditional way of meeting in a church building on a Sunday morning, however it can be done in an infinite number of other ways.

Wherever and whenever you ‘do church’ please do not stop!

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord for those born again believers I have around me that means I can provoke and be provoked”.

Hebrews 10 v 24…..And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works


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