DIG for Thursday the 30th of June…..reach out and take from the table of abundance…..Psalm 23 v 5

This is a DIG inspired by my wife Nunsy, who told me today about a wonderful revelation she has had with regards to Psalm 23.

Nunsy was praying for a specific need, a need that we trust the Lord has already made provision for.

As Nunsy meditated upon this she saw a picture of the table described in Psalm 23.

It was crammed full of all that she needs, what I need and what our family needs, and she also saw this one particular need on the table.

In this vision Nunsy saw herself reach forward and grab the provision for this need and pull it toward her.

At that moment she believed that this need was met!

Friends, the Lord has provided all we need, He has laid everything out on the table before us.

In order to see our needs met we need to reach out and take that provision.

Nunsy saw it in the spiritual first and we believe that we will now see it in the physical.

Our thoughts and words are powerful and creative, if we cannot see something in our minds first and speak it out we will never see it manifest in the physical.

If you cannot see yourself well you will not live a life free from sickness.

If you cannot see yourself living in abundance you will stay poor.

Yes, even though Jesus has provided healing and prosperity through His finished work, if you do not see yourself well and prosperous, you will not see this made manifest in your life.

Do you have a need today?

Picture it on the table the Lord has provided for you, then reach out and grab it!

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that you have already prepared the table for me with everything that I will ever need”.

Psalm 23 v 5…..Thou prepares a table for me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; and my cup runneth over


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