DIG for Thursday the 7th of July…..labour to enter His rest…..Hebrews 4 v 11

Tonight in the Bible study we were looking at Hebrews 4 v 11, within the context of studying about the rest we can have in Jesus.

This verse talks about labouring into rest and also talks about unbelief.

It suddenly dawned on me how we labour into this rest, and it is to have faith; faith in what God said and in what Jesus has done.

The verse tells us that the opposite of rest is unbelief; I’d read this verse many times before but tonight this really hit home to me.

Labouring is not about striving and working and putting effort into something, it is simply about believing in what God said and what Jesus did.

In the Old Testament we see that the Hebrews nation did not enter into the rest of the Promised Land due to unbelief.

There were people who believed in what God said, like Caleb and Joshua, and they eventually did enter this promised rest.

But the other people who did not have faith in the word of God did not enter that rest.

The same is true for us; this part of the Old Testament is s picture for us today.

God said He has provided all we need through the finished work of Jesus and if we have faith, believe this and trust Him, we can enter His rest.

But unbelief and lack of faith can stop us entering this rest of abundance and provision; that is what Hebrews 4 v 11 is warning us.

Have faith, believe in what God has said about provision and abundance and have faith in the truth that Jesus has provided this for you.

Then you will see this abundance and provision in your life, you will enter His rest.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that you want me to enter in to Your rest of abundance and provision, and thank you that Jesus has provided this for me”.

Hebrews 4 v 11…..Let us labour therefore into his rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief


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