DIG for Wednesday the 31st of August…..water not blood, celebration not judgement…..John 2 v 7 and 8

I need to go back today and write some more about the miracle at Cana where Jesus turned water into wine.

We saw recently that Jesus was telling us that religion was finished, finished now that He was here!

The wedding was a centre of celebration and relationship, a celebration of life where people felt joy and were blessed.

It was here in this context that Jesus turned water into wine.

I was reminded this morning that Moses also turned water into something, but he turned it into blood (Exodus 4 v 9).

This was a sign of judgement, whereas Jesus’ miracle was a sign of celebration, joy, blessing and relationship.

This is a picture of the difference between law and grace.

The Word tells us that Moses gave the law, but grace and truth came by Jesus (John 1 v 17).

Law condemns and judges, but grace blesses and gives life.

Law is all about religion, where man has to do this and do that, stop this and stop that.

Grace is all about blessings, joy, celebration and relationship.

Water turned into wine tells us about celebration and relationship, water into blood tells us about judgment and condemnation; this tells us all we need to know about law and grace.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that I live under grace and not under law”.

John 2 v 7 and 8…..Jesus saith unto them, Fill the waterpots with water. And they filled them up to the brim. And he saith unto them, Draw put now, and bear unto the governor of the feast. And they bare it


DIG for Tuesday the 30th of August……stop trying to do what has already been done…..2 Corinthians 5 v 21

As we were discussing my last MGF message the other evening it dawned on me that we do a lot of things the wrong way round in church today.

We try and work to get closer to God, to get God to accept us and bless us.

We try to become more righteous and more holy.

This is silly as through the work of Jesus all men have been reconciled to God and if we are born again we have been made righteous.

In these areas there is nothing for us to do.

We then ask God to change us, to make us this and make us that, and this is wrong as well.

This is what we are supposed to be doing, and God has given us mechanisms in order to do this ourselves.

We are to be transformed by the renewing of our mind and that is something we have to do through the understanding of His Word (Romans 12 v 2 and 2 Peter 1 v 3).

So we try and do what God has already done and ask God to do what we are supposed to be doing; this can only be the plan of the enemy.

Friends, we need to get into our Bibles and rightly divide the Scriptures, finding out what God has done for us and to us and what we then need to do in return.

The Bible tells us God has already reconciled us to Himself through Jesus, the Bible tells us that if we are in Christ we have been made righteous and the Bible tells us that if we want to change it is through the process of mind renewal.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that I have been reconciled and made righteous and thank you that I can be transformed by the renewing of my mind”.

2 Corinthians 5 v 21…..For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him