DIG for Monday the 5th of September…..warning about Facebook in Proverbs, really…..Proverbs 29 v 9

I opened my Bible this morning for some inspiration and it landed in Proverbs.

I read a verse and instantly thought, “wow, that’s talking about Facebook”.

Yes, strange as it may sound there is a verse in Proverbs about Facebook!

What I see on Facebook (and have to admit to getting dragged into now and again against my better judgement) are discussions that turn into debates and arguments, wasting everybody’s time.

People make fun of and ridicule the views and opinions of others, and at other times they get angry and rant; i.e. they rage or laugh.

This is pointless just wasting time, not giving you rest; this is what Proverbs 29 v 9 says.

It is wise not to get into these kinds of debates.

We would not normally do it with a person face to face so why should we do it on social media?

The word says it is foolish to get into this kind of ‘debate’.

I think we should all take a long hard look at our input onto Facebook and other social media platforms; are we laughing, are we raging, are we just wasting our time?

It would be more profitable and worthwhile to ‘rest’ in the Word and in prayer, in meditation and contemplation, in listening to worship, actually in anything of the Lord rather than the world.

Now I am not saying we should stop using social media, however I for one shall be looking more closely at how I use my time going forward, will you?

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord for your guidance and council that we see in the Book of Proverbs”.

Proverbs 29 v 9…..If a wise man contendeth with a foolish man, whether he rage or laugh, there is no rest


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