DIG for Tuesday the 20th of September…..healing is part of the sozo package…..Matthew 9 v 21

The Greek word used to describe salvation is the word sozo.

It literally means to deliver or protect, and we all know that this means to protect from death and deliver into eternal life.

We know that salvation is our ticket into Heaven.

But salvation means so much more.

Take the woman with the issue of blood for example; we can read that she was healed from this physical ailment by having the faith to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment (Matthew 9 v 20 to 22).

From this passage it is clear that the woman was healed or made whole.

The word used here for made whose is exactly the same word used for salvation or to be saved; yes, it is the word sozo.

So we can see that salvation (or sozo) includes healing as well as a ticket into Heaven.

Healing was part of the package purchased for us by Jesus on the cross.

As I said yesterday, do not let anyone steal healing from you.

Healing is part of the abundant life that Jesus wants you to have, and your health is one of the things that the enemy wants to steak from you.

Remember that someone can only steal what you already have, you already have been provided with healing through the finished work of Jesus.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord for the healing tat you have already provided for me through the finished work of Jesus Christ”.

Matthew 9 v 21…..For she said within herself, If I may touch his garment, I shall be whole


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