DIG for Saturday the 5th of November…..the Biblical way to behave in relationships…..James 1 v 19

I said the book of James was quite challenging, but I’ve found my last two DIGs comforting and encouraging rather than challenging.

Well, I’ve come to James 1 v 19 now!

Given what we have seen in politics lately the world seems to live opposite to this verse, and I think this is quite a challenging verse to believers as well.

When we discuss and debate with others what is our motive?

Are we trying to listen and see where the other person is coming from or are we trying to win and persuade the other person to change to the way we think?

I think we need to remember this verse whenever we are in a discussion or debate.

We should be listening to people (swift to hear) and not just trying to speak over them (slow to speak).

We also need to treat people with respect and ensure we are not angry and aggressive (slow to wrath).

I think a modern translation should also say “slow to writing nasty things on Facebook”.

Things have gotten so bad these days that I say a ‘believer’ on social media advocating that the President elect of the USA should be assassinated; that ‘believer’ has not been slow to speak or slow to wrath!

We should consider James 1 v 19 whenever we are in relationship with another person, be they believer or non-believer, and be it face to face or across the Internet.

James 1 v 19 is just about behaving like a decent human being.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that I can choose how I listen, speak and react to people”.

James 1 v 19…..Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath



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