DIG for Sunday the 11th of December…..God needs our help…..Luke 1 v 37

In our Bible study last night we were looking at the account of the birth of Jesus, particularly the virgin birth.

The Word says that nothing is impossible for God and this of course is true (Luke 1 v 37).

However God also needs people to play their part in any of His works on earth.

Mary needed to believe that she could become pregnant without knowing a man.

Joseph had to believe the angel telling him to take his family to Egypt.

We could go even further back in time and say that Isaiah had to believe what God was telling him about eh Messiah; he also then had to write it down so that it could be fulfilled.

God wants to do so much on this earth, He wants us all to live in health and prosperity for example.

I know people in the church however who do not believe this, and are therefore still living in poverty and pain.

This is not because God does not want it or has not provided it, but because people do not believe it and speak it out.

We still have to do our part, even though nothing is impossible for God.

In the context of the birth of Jesus many people ‘did their bit’, including Isaiah, Mary and Joseph.

This is still true for us today with God wanting us to do mighty things, but we have to believe, speak it out and participate.

Every single one of us has a plan and purpose we can walk in, we just need to find it, believe it and then do it!

Speak this out today…..”Thank You Lord that You have a plan and purposed for my life and thank you that you want the best for me”.

Luke 1 v 37…..For with God nothing is impossible


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