DIG for Monday the 19th of December…..would you ever consider leaving your Christmas gifts unopened…..Isaiah 9 v 6

In the run up to Christmas we often hear about Jesus being given as a gift from God, and that is indeed true.

As a Son he was given (Isaiah 9 v 6).

And through His finished work Jesus gave men many other gifts including healing, prosperity, acceptance and abundance.

Gifts however are worthless if they are not accepted, opened and used.

Gifts are given to be used.

The same is true of the gift of Jesus.

Through His finished work all men have been forgiven and reconciled to God however the benefit of this is not received unless Jesus is accepted.

Once Jesus has been accepted there are lots of other gifts to be accepted and used.

Healing is a gift; please don’t ignore it and stay sick.

Prosperity is a gift; don’t stay in a state of poverty.

I have never once seen my children or grand-daughter leave a Christmas gift unopened; pretty quickly on Christmas morning the room is awash with ripped up wrapping paper with ever present exposed and examined.

Jesus gave His Son so that we could have the possibility of righteousness and salvation, thus opening the way to all His other gifts bought for us at the cross.

If you are reading this DIG I am assuming that you have accepted the gift of Jesus, so this Christmas do not leave any gift from Jesus unopened, accept every one!

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord for the gift of Jesus and thank you for all the other gifts He bought for us through His finished work on the cross”.

Isaiah 9 v 6….. For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given…..


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