DIG for Friday the 6th of January…..preach the gospel and heal the sick, simple…..Acts 14 v 7

Go online or go to your local Christian bookshop and you will see what seems like an endless list of models and methods for evangelism.

There are countless books on the subject and masses of videos and tutorials online.

There is however a very simple and effective method modelled by Paul in the Book of Acts.

Paul and Barnabas came into a difficult situation in a certain region, coming against problems and situations (Acts 14 v 1 to 6).

Verse 7 shows us what they did once they reached where they were going; they preached the gospel. They told people the good news about Jesus and what He had done.

They then healed a man, showing the population the power of the gospel.

This is the method Paul used wherever he went; he preached the gospel and he healed people.

Now, if you want to follow this model you have to be aware of what preaching the gospel means.

It is not standing on the high street of your local town shouting at people and telling them that they are sinners and heading of an eternity without God.

This may be true, but it is not the gospel, it is not the good news.

The gospel is the truth about Jesus and His finished work and it is good news!

The good news is that through Jesus as well as being saved from a lost eternity we are saved into healing, abundance, joy and peace.

So today I urge you to preach the gospel.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord for Jesus and for His finished work and thank you for the healing and abundance that is freely available through this finished work”.

Acts 14 v 7…..And there they preached the gospel


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