DIG for Sunday the 26th of February…..lots of great advice in Proverbs…..Proverbs 21 v 23

Every now and again I have a “trawl” through Proverbs looking at the wonderful and practical advice in there.

Take Proverbs 21 v 23 for example.

This is a verse of great advice with regards to what we say and when we say it.

How often have you said something and regretted it straight away?

Once you say something it is “out there” and cannot be taken back.

Many times I’ve wished I could go back in time and keep my mouth shut instead of speaking out a comment!

This verse says if we keep our mouth and tongue (that says to me keep quiet) we can keep ourselves away from trouble.

How true!

Sometimes it is better for us to keep quiet rather than speak.

My Mum used to say, “If you’ve got nothing good to say just say nothing”.

So this is simple advice, maybe it is a good idea to keep quiet sometimes to keep yourself away from trouble.

So, the next time you can feel yourself ready to jump I with a funny or witty or maybe just nasty comment, think about this verse and think about what you are doing.

You could just be saving yourself from a whole heap of trouble

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord for the wonderful advice that we can read in the Book of Proverbs”.

Proverbs 21 v 23…..Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue keepeth his soul from troubles


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