DIG for Wednesday the 24th of May…..we can bless Him and praise Him if we want to…..Psalm 145 v 2

I’m in the Psalms again today for my DIG, reading some of the wonderful and encouraging words from David.

Remember David did not have the best of times always, and he was also a troubled man on occasions.

However he went on to write some wonderfully encouraging words and great guidance for us in the Psalms.

Take the start of Psalm 145 for example.

David says he will bless the Lord forever and ever (Psalm 145 v 2), and in the same verse he talks of blessing the Lord every day.

Now I know David had some great days when it would be easy to bless the Lord (killing Goliath and then being made king maybe), but I also know he had some terrible days when you may imagine blessing the Lord would be hard (like when his family were kidnapped from Ziklag for example).

But David said do this every day and forever.

This means under all circumstances and in all situations.

Yes during the good times, but also during the bad and the hard.

But that’s very hard if not impossible you may be thinking.

But if David could do it (and then write about it) we can do it to.

We are in a better situation to worship and thank the Lord, as we are under a better covenant with better promises and we have the assistance of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

If David could bless the Lord at all time then we have no excuse, we can do it too!

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that I can choose to bless you today, to worship your holy name and to thank you for all that you have done for me”.

Psalm 145 v 2…..Every day will I bless thee; and I will praise thy name for ever and ever


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