DIG for Saturday the 10th of June…..the New meeting the Old face-to-face…..Mark 14 v 62

In a recent sermon my wife Nunsy spoke about what she called one of the most important human encounters in the history of the world.

She was talking about Caiaphas (the high priest of the Old Covenant) meeting with Jesus (the High Priest of the New Covenant) prior to the death and resurrection of Jesus.

In this encounter we see a picture of the Old Covenant, just before passing away, meeting with the New Covenant.

The high priest was required under the Old Covenant in order to carry out the sacrifices for the people, and one of the high priests necessary accessories was his robe.

This robe was special, part of the accessories that was absolutely required by the high priest to carry out his duties.

This robe had to be perfect; the high priest was even warned not to rent his robe.

Once Caiaphas rent his robe in front of Jesus this was a picture that the high priest could not carry out his duties (Mark 14 v 63).

So, sin could not be covered and the people could not be forgiven, as was required by the Law and the Old Covenant.

But this was OK as the ultimate sacrifice, the new High Priest, was standing right in front of him ready to carry out His once-for-all sacrifice, ready to usher in the New Covenant.

Along with the New Covenant came a new priesthood, and the new (and only High Priest) of this covenant was Jesus.

Caiaphas could tear all the clothes he wanted as his robe and his sacrifices were no longer required.

Jesus’ finished work on the cross was perfect, ushering in the New Covenant and ending the requirements of the Law.

What an amazing picture/type/shadow showing us about Jesus.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that I now live under the New Covenant with a new High Priest called Jesus”.

Mark 14 v 62…..And Jesus said, I am: and ye shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven


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