DIG for Monday the 3rd of July…..sin covered, transgressions forgiven; that time is now…..Psalm 32 v 1

Much of what we read in the Psalms is prophetic, a time coming when things would come to pass.

One such verse is Psalm 32 v 1.

David is writing about a time when men would be blessed due to what the Lord would do with their sin.

There was a time coming when the transgressions of men would be forgiven.

There was a time coming when the sin of men would be covered, meaning hidden or concealed.

This is of course a blessing; we now live in a time where we are truly blessed.

Through the blood of Jesus we have been forgiven and reconciled to God.

Through the blood of Jesus (and because of forgiveness and reconciliation) all men are truly blessed, as this gives them the opportunity to be saved and made righteous.

All we need to do is make the choice for Jesus, to trust in Him and His finished work and we can truly benefit from the free forgiveness and free reconciliation.

I don’t know about you but this makes me feel truly blessed.

No matter what is going on in my life I can know at all times that I am forgiven and reconciled to God, and that I have been saved and made righteous.

We really do live a blessed life in a blessed time!

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that all my sin has been forgiven and all my transgression are hidden”.

Psalm 32 v 1…..Blessed is he whose transgressions is forgiven, whose sin is covered


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