DIG for Thursday the 27th of July…..Jesus is the perfect example of grace; He is grace…..John 1 v 17

Having written about the account of the ‘woman taken in adultery’ many times I was tempted not to write about it again today.

However it is such a wonderful encounter that I could not help myself!

This is an account highlighting the difference between law and grace.

The law was demanding, punishing when you got it wrong; that was why the men wanted to stone her (John 8 v 4).

However Jesus was grace (John 1 v 17) and he related to this poor woman with grace.

He did not relate to her with regards to her sin, He related to her as a person.

He did not condemn her, as the law would do, He showed her love and compassion and provided her with forgiveness (John 8 v 11).

Yes, He told her to sin no more, but this was after he showed her compassion and said He did not condemn her.

Throughout the Gospels the only people I see Jesus ‘giving a hard time’ were the religious bigots and zealots who hated Him and hated His grace.

Jesus loved and had compassion for the sinners, the condemned, the sick and the poor.

And He came to ‘solve’ the problem of sin for these people, and for all of us!

Jesus is grace and truth, and He relates to us today in grace and truth.

We now live under grace because Jesus came and performed His perfect and finished work.

That is good news!

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that through the finished work of Jesus we now live under grace and not under law”.

John 1 v 17…..For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ


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