DIG for Saturday the 2nd of September…..the Word of God needs to be sown…..Mark 4 v 14

Ever since I heard Pastor Duane Sheriff preaching about seeds this weekend I have been very excited.

In a ‘previous life’ as a Barley Specialist for a major distilling company I had to know all about the barley seed.

I knew about the inside of this seed, about how special it was, about how it was actually alive.

As Duane was telling us we can learn a lot about the Word of God as a seed from how we see natural seeds behave.

And as I know a lot about how the barley seed grows I found this extra exciting.

I’ve been preaching about this for a long time, and sometimes I think the folks in my church are fed up hearing about barley!

But the concept of the Word as a seed is very important and can have a positive effect on our lives.

If we can learn to plant seeds, water seeds and nurture seeds, then we can be sure that we will see fruit (or blessings) manifest in our lives.

The Word is a seed and our heart is the ground and we must plant the seed through reading and meditating upon the Word.

We can then water and nourish through fellowship, prayer and worship for example.

But this is a process and it takes time, so you require patience.

Why not plant some seeds tonight?

Then water and nourish them, have some patience and then see the fruit of your ‘labours’ coming into your life as a blessing.

Speak this out today….”Thank you Lord for your Word, thank you for these seeds that I can plant in my heart”.

Mark 4 v 14…..The sower soweth the word