DIG for Friday the 12th of January…..take a step of faith into your healing…..John 5 v 9

In my DIG yesterday I wrote about the account of Jesus healing the man at the pool of Bethesda.

I wrote of the need to take responsibility and ‘do something’ to help manifest our healing.

I think I need to clarify this a little; we need to take a step of faith, believing that we are healed.

In this account we see Jesus telling the man the following; to rise, to take up his bed and to walk (John 5 v 8).

In verse 9 we read something similar, however it is important to read this carefully, as sometimes what is missing from the Word is as important as what is there!

We read that he did take up his bed and he did walk, but we read nothing about his rising.

What we read is that he was made whole.

I believe that this tells us that he was healed as he was rising up!

He was healed as he took a step of faith and moved into his healing; he was healed as he was rising up.

Now this is only one model of healing that Jesus used, but it is a model where we see a step of faith involved in healing.

In a sense it is similar to the woman with the issue of blood where Jesus tells the woman that it was her faith that made her whole (Matthew 9 v 20 to 22).

In faith, she acted and took a step towards her healing.

At times I believe that we need to walk out in faith and ‘do something’ to aid the manifestation of our healing.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that I see many models of healing in the Word and thank you that your will for my life is supernatural health”.

John 5 v 9…..And immediately the man was made whole, and took up his bed, and walked: and on the same day was the sabbath




DIG for Tuesday the 9th of January…..relationships, that’s the real treasure in life…..Hebrews 10 v 24

I completed a rather interesting task this evening while waiting for Lydia to come out from her swimming training.

While reading a ‘self help’ book I meditated on a question from the author; what would I like people to say at my funeral and how would I like to be remembered?

I thought about this for a while and then wrote some comments.

Interestingly none of my comments were about being a success in business or career, nothing about the size of my house or possessions, or the amount of money I made.

They were all about people; how I related to them, how they saw me, and which of my characteristics and values were important to them.

This should not have been a surprise as we were created to be in relationships, with our God and with other people.

We are relational beings.

We are not meant to live in isolation.

The really important things in life are all to do with other people; with people we love and people who love us.

At the end of the day material possessions (as nice and comfortable as they make life) are not important, what we think about others and what others think about us are the vital things in life.

Relationships are the real treasures in life.

I thought about my relationship with the Lord, with my family and with my friends and felt a glow inside.

My relationships make me happy and make life worth living.

So I challenge you tonight to ask yourself the same question, what do you want people to say at your funeral and how do you want to be remembered?

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord that you created me as a relational being, and thank you for all the wonderful relationships in my life”.

Hebrews 10 v 24…..And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works

DIG for Friday the 1st of December…..is that what the Bible really says…..1 Timothy 6 v 10

Well, another year is almost finished as we head into the season of advent.

In this period, as with any other time of the year to be honest, I encourage you all to carefully read the Word.

I say this, as traditions of men and what men say seem to take precedence over the Word, and I see this especially with regards to what we call the Nativity or the Christmas Story.

However this is something that we need to be aware of all year round.

“The Bible says that money is the root of all evil”, is a statement I have heard more than once.

Now if you really know your Bible you will realise that this is not the truth.

OK, the Bible says something similar however it does not say money is the root of all evil.

What it actually says is that the love of money is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6 v 10); go check for yourself if you are not sure!

People say this and other things because that is what they think the Bible says.

We can see a similar situation with regards to communion, which most church denominations have perverted from what the Bible actually asks us to do.

Why am I writing about this you may ask; well, it is because the birth of Jesus (the Nativity or the Christmas Story) is the thing in the Bible that man and tradition have perverted the most.

I’ll show you this over the coming days; show you that what the majority thinks about the birth of Jesus is just not biblical.

Speak this out today…..”Thank you Lord for the truth in Your Word”.

1 Timothy 6 v 10…..For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows

What is Partnership?

What is Partnership?

Most of you will have heard of the concept of partnering with a Christian ministry; this is a way of funding ministries, helping them to spread the Good News. Many of us will already be involved in this type of giving. It is a way of funding ministries that is actually recorded in the Bible.

For example the widow woman in Zarephath partnered with Elijah(1) and the believers in Philippi partnered with the Apostle Paul(2). Jesus Himself even had partners; Joanna the wife of Chuza, a steward of Herod, was among a number of women who partnered with the ministry of Jesus(3).

Partnership is more than simply giving financial aid. Partnership is giving in a purposeful and regular manner. Partnership is about coming alongside and becoming part of a ministry. Partnership is about committing to the furtherance of the Kingdom.

Partnership is about sowing and reaping

Partnership is about sowing and reaping within the context of giving. Sowing and reaping is a sound Biblical law.

Giving within the realm of partnership is not only good for the ministry receiving your gift but it is good for you. Giving will see fruit abound to your account(4). Giving will see abundance flow back to you; give and you will see your gift returned to you from other men(5). Sowing generously will result in a generous return, sowing little will result in little return(6).

Giving financially into the work of the Kingdom is an expectation of the Lord upon every born again believer; the Lord loves a cheerful giver(7), and there are a number of examples in Scripture of believers giving into the work of the Kingdom.

Would you please consider partnering with Heilan Word Ministries?

Heilan Word Ministries is a Christian teaching ministry founded and run by Vic and Nunsy Cameron. The ministry is based in the north of Scotland and proclaims the finished work of Jesus Christ. We provide teaching material in a number of different formats, and all our material (with the exception of hard copy booklets) is provided free of charge. We have distributed thousands of teaching cds thus far and our vision is to distribute millions. We provide a daily devotional called DIG on the Internet, encouraging many believers across the world with the message of truth and grace that is the finished work of Jesus Christ (contact us for details on how to receive DIG every day).

Vic resigned from his full time secular job and is now working in ministry and his small business, looking to Biblical principles to see his own needs, and the needs of his family, met.

Vic is determined to labour in the Word and doctrine(8); are you able and willing to reward him as a labourer in this work? Vic is determined to preach the Gospel in Scotland and across the world; are you able and willing to be one of the brothers and sisters in Christ who will send him(9)?

Romans 10 v 13 to 15 talks about preachers of the Gospel being sent in order for people to be saved. My friends, we all know that the Gospel needs to be preached to a needy world but not everyone can go. You may not be able to go, but you can send. Will you consider partnering with Vic to allow him to go and preach the Gospel?

1-Kings 17 v 10 to 24

2-Philippians 4 v 15 to 17

3-Luke 8 v 3, 4-Philippians 4 v 17

5-Luke 6 v 38, 6-2 Corinthians 9 v 6

7-2 Corinthians 9 v 7

8-1 Timothy 5 v 17 and 18

9-Romans 10 v 13 to 15

What will we commit to for our partners?

Of course we commit first and foremost to preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His finished work, as the only way to salvation and to an abundant life.

We will communicate with you; we will tell you what we are doing in the ministry on a regular basis. We will provide teaching material for you. And most importantly we will pray for you, and if you wish, we will pray with you.

How can I come into partnership with Heilan Word Ministries?

There are a number of ways that you can partner with Heilan Word Ministries.

You can visit our website and give into our PayPal account, address below……


You can give straight into our bank account on a regular basis. Set up a standing order or direct debit and give on a monthly basis.

Email Vic at the address below for bank details…..


You can commit to sending a cheque regularly, made out to Vic Cameron, to the following address……

5 Carsewell Steading, Alves, Elgin, Moray IV30 8UE

And of course you can please pray for us


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DIG for Wednesday the 13th of July…..seek the Lord at all times, including your successes…..Psalm 30 v 6

At times of stress, grief and pain we are more inclined to seek the Lord and trust in Him.

In our successes and good times we may have less emphasis on seeking Him and looking to Him for direction.

This is basic human nature I think and it is also very dangerous.

In the good times we can lean on our own strength and own understanding, instead of on the Lord’s.

This is when we could be in danger of falling or “being moved”.

David wrote that he said in his prosperity (in the good times) he would not be moved (Psalm 30 v 6).

We know from the Word though that it was during a period of “good times” that He succumbed to the temptation of another woman, and that this led to murder.

During the hard times of struggle and fighting and hardship David never lost his focus on the Lord and he was never “moved” as he was when looking upon Bathsheba from the comfort of his palace.

When we think we have made a success of our walk with the Lord, when we rest upon our laurels, then is when we are in severe danger.

Whatever stage of your walk this morning, be it a struggle or be it prosperous, never take your focus away from the Lord and never lean upon your own strengths and understanding.

Look to the example of David, learn from his experience; trust

The Lord in the hard times but do not take your eyes off Him in the good.

Speak this out today…..:Thank you Lord that you never leave us nor forsake us, thank you that you are here with me in the good times and the bad”.

Psalm 30 v 6…..And in my prosperity I said, I shall never be moved